March 03 2017 5:09PM The Moment…:(

WOW.  The Universe has perfect timing, The precise moment the woman I have given my everything to stabbed me right in the smack middle of what was left of my heart, My soul gave up.  I didn’t feel any pain this time, at least this time it wasn’t in my back when I wasn’t looking.  But I don’t hurt this time, I just don’t think I had much Soul left in my and I am now truly Be…It used to stand for Bruce Edgar, the two that have given me strength to get through the Hell I voluntarily have been in hoping that Faith and well.. that’s been in, only my Faith.  But now I just have to have Faith that moving Forward and never looking back and Forgetting everything I thought I Found in a Fractured Fucking Female who just needs to go home to her Mommy & Daddy and find something or someone she’s missing, I am just not even interested anymore.  My Bad, will never happen again I can promise you that.

I simply have no more words for her ever.  I give up and I am for the first time, Ok with it.  That chapter is now closed.  The good part is I have grieved for the death of the love in my marriage for what seems like an eternity that I don’t feel a thing.  In my thoughts, Shannon Lee Slaton today is Shannon Lee Wiseman Heathershaw, worse than the Fractured Fake Fucked Up Fiasco she was when I met her and thought…Maybe…Now I have Eagle Eye Hindsight and I see the only thing she has ever found value in was herself and just bankrupted my soul and my sanity because she never grew up and I never seemed to give up.  I forfeit..I Quit.

I would say Play With Yourself but maybe if she could do that, that would mean she loved herself and didn’t need to be core dependent, the stage a co dependent doesn’t see the damage they are doing to the one who truly loves them and rips their heart out at the core and still wants more.  Sorry that is not the type of #Whore I want, I want one who wants more of everything good, not to remove everything that WAS GOOD  in me.  Good Journey to you some thing, I hope you find what thing you are the third time, I am sure you’ll find a better man, your just too good for me.  😦




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