• March 6, 2016
  • Bruce Slaton
    3/6, 12:47pm

    Bruce Slaton

    Sunday March 6th, 2016…The day the demons of my past make it to my present and threaten to expose many of the things I accept responsibility for creating during some dark and demonic days of my past. The only difference between the man I am today and the boy I was there is now I don’t have to ask my Mommy or Daddy if it’s ok to let strangers in…the truth is a stranger is only a danger when you need to teach your precious children to take that extra step in a moment maybe you won’t be around to equal the strength you would take as a parent standing NEXT to your child and digging your feet in the ground prepared to rush forward at that moment when you look back at your Son and say “Son, you trust Dad right?, Good, always know your loved, I have loved you since before you were born and I’ll love you way after I am gone even if you can’t see me..now do something big right now that may not make sense you but know it’s because I know just a few more things than you do and your part right now is the most important thing you could do to help Dad Ok? Promise you’ll protect your brothers and sisters and make sure Mom has someone around to keep her smiling and you make sure whoever it is, they treat her like the Queen she is. Now you remember the King that I know as your Father you will be one day and you already know the difference between tricking you and teaching you right? Ok, when I tell you to…you need to focus in the direction home, I could tell you not to look back but I know you will because your my Son and I know every fiber in your being is going to tell you to come back and fight and that you could have saved me but remember I know best. Don’t focus on what you see or hear happening to Me, you won’t see the army I have all around me, see you only see your Dad right now but I have super powers that you will find you have one day when it’s time, the book on my desk that I write in all of the time? That’s yours, start reading from the middle of it and go back to beginning, don’t worry about missing the small things, you can always go back and fill them in. But the Power In The Book will start to emerge and you’ll discover WHY i can’t just tell you but you know Dad loves leaving clues. Ok, so then also understand another thing, remember how I told you to never believe in Ghosts, Goblins, Gnomes or Golden Compasses? Ok, I lied. But you always did the opposite of what I told you anyways, you think I didn’t know? Remember who your Father is, but good try, maybe next time you’ll fool me. Believe Son, Believe In Everything BUT balance it with knowing when to use your Power of Know…Believe it only after you’ve mastered it and make that bitch your slave but be humble, be a master of many, that’s what the hard part of being a True King is, being a master to many who believe they are slaves, will be labeled be labeled as slaves and you’ll be labeled the monster, it’s ok. If you worried about that, you would be one of the slaves by earning the label. Kings are few because they were the first to stand, the first to be ready to go into battle to save their people, their subjects of their story, their family and friends and they inspire the smallest armies with no clear plan to get up and stand and be ready to burn their boats and fight knowing they’ve already pledged their life to their King because he’s Their King. See, a King has wealth and keeps wealth because he needs to make sure that he can keep as many people not only in his house but in his land and the worlds that he rules alive for just one more second, one more minute, one more hour and maybe one more day so that he can figure out tonight when everyone is sleeping safe and he knows he latched the door safe, only now can he sit down, get some rest and think about what he does the next do to get right back to this place he is now, Heaven on earth I tell you. Home. Where a King knows he can just be himself for any amount of time he gets, its priceless. Ok..so after all of that Son, so now those words Son, you run that direction back Home and I am running towards the heat, you get to safety and know my Father stands beside me and his army of Ghost Soldiers and so I am not afraid but i understand why you are, it’s perfectly ok, I was there one day. But thank goodness I had more time to train you than my Father me, you now know about the super powers and I had time to write down rules and to school you about fools, tools and jewels. Protect the jewels Son, they are the legacy of our family, our future and our foundation. Now Son…I am so proud of the boy you are and the Man I know you will become one day but make me one promise that you cannot break…Do It Your Way & Now…..RUNNNNNNNNNN:) And as that one boy looks back running with the strength of 100 purebred stallions in his blood and sees his Dad running toward an army of hundreds, and slowly sees one bullet strike his Dad, one sword slice into his dad until he saw his Dad fall after receiving the wrath of hundreds even after his life let his body… It took more than one shot drop his Dad, he lost count and he stopped counting because after his Dad got up and lifted his sword and took out 5 more foes more than once, more than twice and he just kept on fighting he realized that one first super power….His Dad’s power evolved even as he ran into the battle and his Dad the Man was safe already, his Dad’s Father had done what he himself just experienced himself…sacrificed. That was my Dad’s Father fighting inside his Son’s body and man what a Bad Ass he was, he is, showing a boy what a man look\s like regardless of what you hear and see…while the boy hides because in his equation that’s the best factor for this equation, his Dad, his Dad’s Father and an army of ghosts set fight against all odds and without fear because they’ve already won, they lose many, and the King now fall in a pool of blood but what the everyone who knows now knows is that they didn’t know that the King was never there, it was his Queen, his Dad’s Mother, a Queen saves her King and a Mother her Children. When the King arrived to save his Queen he got there just in time to hear her say, I die today a proud a loving Queen because are my King, now go do the easy part you big fuck and tell everybody I love them, my Gratitude my King…see I told you I would always protect you. Onward my King, protect your subjects and try not to fuck up to too much, start asking just do one thing, my dying wish my King….Listen… Because I’ll whisper first but you know if I have yell that there is going to be hell. My Love, Thank you for your love. I’ll live by your love and your lessons in this next glorious life. Go Live, Go Love, Go Just Go… AND only then do you realize the reality is life Woman are Queens, Men potential Kings…boys and girls, Princesses as they may be, Mothers are he beginning and the ending, the Past, Present & Future. For a Soldier chooses their weapon of wise wartime wielding, I just happen to have asked enough Soldiers, what would they done different if given another chance. And I remember a story passed down through Eons…Listen, Love, Learn, Lust, Lean & Life Life. Today I innovate that Equation as only the real Bruce man of you could have never known, I protected it, the jewel and now I have no fear from the demons at the door. Maybe in order to protect not only my two son’s i have today but every Son, every King and every Prince in between, I find a way to make sure when I am gone from this world. His battle for himself, his Brother or Friend, his girl, his world his Queen…His Mother…is just a little lighter that I choose to enter into battle today….because I prayed. And I did, I faced and & mastered….and I didn’t stop at knowing THAT ONe Guy, the Popular GUys, I simply haven’t stopped learning or being… For I am a King, a Kin among Kings Not acknowledging it…Is THE Sin But let me show you what a true King does…he teaches his subjects and hopes the Kings among them find themselves and stand with him and only then we create a world of Masters instead of Slaves And l hindsight is a Bitch Imagine being a slave at the end building pyramids in Egypt who says just as the Pharaoh arrives and looks perplexed there’s that one slave in the crowd who says “No Fucking Way, Shit”…He knew about the halfway mark. As the Pharaoh consulted with is council and his Slaves who by now hated and despised him slowly started to realize and listen… Where is the Boy I brought with the plans for the project? AND he learned they beat him because he was trying to tell them how to do their job. Where is the Boy’s Mother he was with? And only then they learned the Mother was to council the Boy to handle the job a Pharough gave him and they used her for what they valued, the woman degreded her and eventually they found no value in her life. Ok, Wait about the Cat that was with the Boy’s Mother? It was a Cat they said, always clawing around, killed that quick they said. As they saw a Pharough pace and hear what sounds like a loud Hold Fucking Shit…. He say’s… The boy was trying to tell you these pyramids are upside down, he was the one who helped draw the plans, he said putting the first stone down deep in the ground and building from the ground up would stop having to always hand up and step up and he knew that when you guys got to each 8th level of the Pyramid, to reward you with a celebration. The Boy’s Mother was here to handle the celebrations and to meet the assemblies of woman I had planned to send to help you establish families of your own as your reward for a day’s hard work. But Holy Fucking Shit you assholes, the Boy’s Mother was also here to protect my Queen’s Cat, her most precious Cat. The Queen is going to be pissed, the reign of terror she would release upon this Man & this Land…but thank goodness I planned ahead just in case… Someone go get Jesus, the simple man who brought the Boy & his Mother, he is only who one who has ever calmed the Queen..crisis averted…go get him quick…. YOU DID WHAT? WHY? Oh Fuck…. And it was that first actual time a Man told a group of slaves…”Roll this cart of stones up that hill and push it down towards my body laying on the ground. Dying now is so much less pain and grief than being around a Queen, a Woman with a bone to pick, and pick and pick. Been there, got through it, no fucking away I’ll do it again. But got her house plans wrong, killed her designer and her sister, killing her cat..that would have just already been enough but kill the one man who has ever calmed her down and served only one purpose you may have seen, he was the Queen’s first husband, that’s the guy that fought the war and won and the Boy with his mother in mind when drafting the plans, her child with that man.. man this is bad, real bad….. She said one more mistake you bastard you make and she’d unleash the demons of egypt on my soul she would then rip out and take. She’d rip off & rip off my heart, kick me in my balls and cut off my penis and only then would she consider letting me back into bed long after being dead and if I think she wouldn’t, just try to be tough….and call her bluff… I’m ready, push that heavy cart fast over my pharough ass and do it fast but just in case she gets to me before life leaves my body i better tuck my penis up to keep it mine…nice try..you can never hide jewels from a woman… As the cart hit the body of the man think they may have heard Tuck, Fuck or Oh Uck….hence many traditions were created that day Men will thrown themselves in front of the Heavy Oh Fuck Trucks because the know they can’t leave it up to luck. Never fuck with a Woman’s Child, Sister, Cat or God Forbithe one Man who can manager her Manic or your world will end. & the one thing you always protect among everything is your family jewels until the last moment on the shot clock…because you don’t want to see the person who comes out looking got hidden jewels Or you know it ‘s safe to let it swing out, let your jewels hang left and right but straight out in view when you need it the most be your most priced possession…and know she’ll always go there first to take it knowing you’ll lose it and she’ll finally have not only you BY the nuts, she’ll have those in fuckers displayed in a museum through eternity. I know crazy story…smile emoticon Is it Really? Bruce smile emoticon

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