• Hi Shannon.. I would like to introduce myself I am Mike wife the man who comes to have sex with you and Bruce. Ive known about your hook ups since last year and I had asked Bruce to please leave him alone. Now bruce was respectful but unfortunately mike has misinformed bruce and you im assuming about his real life. I have been with mike for 13yrs and this last year has been a nightmare mike for years physically abused me and i had enough when he broke my nose in front of our 8 yr old son. Mike the last year has been attending anger management hes on probation and the court ordered him to stay away but i live him no matter what and ive tried and tried so 10 months ago i found his online sex account now i will say im bisexual i have allowed other woman at times nothing wrong with some fun but there has to rules and respect. Well upon finding his account i found texts from bruce about you guys hooking up and that crushed me because ive told him many times just be honest. And to know that you were with him hurt just as bad because i tried to be open with him sexually and we had some hook ups with couples and other men but he got very addictive and controlling and i started to feel like a object. Plus we have a boy who is 9 he comes first not hooking up for sex. Mike on top of this sex addiction has a bad meth addiction but he also has always had mental health issues and I actually work for our county mental health facility I supervise the outpatient programs so it was tolerable but he began to decline this last year very rapidly. He refuses to seek treatment as he has a stigma about taking medication and feels the meth helps his ADD aspect but it only intensifies his sex addiction. He has a personality disorder with narcissistic/sociopathic traits and he is a pathological liar. I told bruce all of this year ago when he replied to me with what he seemed to know about our situation which was all false. Mike likes to have others believe certain things idk make up a facade well two weeks ago i saw the messages from you guys that hes been fucking you two again and has hid it from me after i say over and over dont lie but he doesn’t know how not to lie. Now i saw these messages the night before i was to have a spinal fusion im only 35 so it really crushed me again. His family has stopped talking to him because of his meth addiction and im the only one who still lets him back i want to help him so bad his mental health has gone down hill very quickly this last year prob over use of the meth and i cant bear to watch him and let him go. My son is suffering as well mike for the last year has chosen to live at our store because he knows i want him to change his addictions are dangerous and out of control he goes weeks without seeing our son or even asks about him he has left me when im disabled lost my income and cant care very well for myself. I have nothing against bisexuality or who he is or shit like that see we would be open but it got weird he made me feel like a object and it became obsessed im sorry sex is not a priority work marriage our son is so the he would do it behind my back and sex is more important to him then being a father or husband. I have asked bruce to please leave him alone and if he texts please dont respond. If mike doesn’t try and change then things are going to get complicated and believe me when i say you guys are not the only ones he fucks theres alot of other people from adult friend finder and one night he was seen by my friend at a house where there is a registered sex offender. Now my parents know what he does and hes taken to a rather creepy level with all the accounts i found so if i do file for divorce this id going to be brought out mike has not been there for my son at all and my baby is afraid if him as much as he has abused me over the years. Mike was actually investigated for child neglect when i got him for domestic violence and mind you this is his second time being convicted he had a ex he beat up badly. I dont want to have to involve anyone or expose lifestyles if it goes to that point. So respectfully im asking to please find another man to join you guys and not let mike. He purposely acted violent one night weeks ago at me and i knew something was up i followed him to elk grove he purposely did that to me so he could come have sex there. I see you have a son so mother to mother please let me handle this with mike if in the end its that i have to walk away then hes all yours but be careful im told him im afraid of catching something because hes wreck-less… I found a video on his phone hes sucking a man sick who is probably 60s no condom so idk how careful he is and thats uneasy as well. Thank you for your time and id like to share our last family picture when we were happy and right before mike took a turn down the wrong road to show you hat this man isnt the same man now and its killing me. Again thank you for your time
    • Shannon Slaton
      4/8, 12:22am


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