Laying Out My Why(s)

I am sure if you know me, you’ve heard the stories.  I hope so.  I hope they are juicy, inaccurate and sometimes in writing.  Why?  Because I’ve decided to start the beginning of something much larger by setting some examples about SEO.  See Everything Online, Search Engine Optimization, See Everyone Online…that set of three letters has many meanings, much like everything in life.

And YES, for many people the beginning of this project is going to be uncomfortable as they realize their words have power, both positive and negative.  BUT they are also going to realize MY words have much more power because I am someone who stands by what I Say, Promise, Write & Do.  I also value my name and reputation or at least the one I had earned.  And in defending what I have lost by others actions, some people are going to lose some things that that they value.  I plan to change some courses of some misguided equations that irresponsible and uneducated people believe they got away with damaging.

This is my advice to those who consistently ask themselves “Why does everything happen to me?”:  Stop being the never ending story of victims.  Start owning the shit that you create, Stop being a Sunday Saint & a Saturday Sinner, Start realizing the world doesn’t revolve around you & Stop believing your better than anyone because someone told you so.

Start discovering what Personal Integrity is.  Start realizing that the things you say about people in private that are not true can eventually become public and you will be defined by your actions.  Start realizing that you were not placed here on earth to be the source of everyone’s personal hell around you.  Start realizing that the longer it takes you to accept accountability for your actions, the deeper the damage that will come out of what you put into place.

To sum it up, every action, decision, every day, week, minute is its own equation.  Your participation or lack of participation has a direct affect on the outcome.  But the equation goes on regardless of your equation.  So instead of looking at others as the source of your accountability, ask yourself “What Was My Participation In The Equation?.

Welcome to PiTeParticipation In The Equation

Bruce Edgar Slaton Jr PITE
Proctor In Truthful Education, Practitioner In Transparent Ethics 🙂
Friday, February 19, 2016


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