First Things First: The Real Estate Industry Is Broken

The Real Estate Industry essentially is both broken and broke.  It’s broken in terms of education, accountability and innovation and it’s broke in Integrity & being Transparent.

Yes, in the beginning it will appear I am laying out all of the Industries dirty laundry and that will be true.  In order to save the good in the industry, I have found I need to break down what is the bad.  And that will be only the beginning.

BUT, don’t think I didn’t try to do this the right way or that I didn’t warn this was coming.  Maybe it was the day Dave Tanner from the Sacramento Association of REALTORS asked me into his office to tell me my exposing local members acts in the real estate process were not a reflection of a REALTOR was ruining the consumers perception of REALTORS.  Maybe it was the childish and inept behavior of “professionals” who liked to talk alot without a shred of intelligence in their words that led to the acquisition of Move by an outside media group.  Maybe it was NAR’s lack of presence from the REO & Short Sale Markets or maybe it was a combination of all of them and much more.

Like I said, the beginning of this will not be comfortable.

But fight back with facts not feelings because this fight isn’t one I plan to lose.

Bruce Edgar Slaton Jr
February 19, 2016


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