First Things First: Religion Has Become Rehearsed, Rancid & Rehashed

When did Religion replaced reason?  Religion has just become rehearsed verses of rushing hate to ride in hearses.  So much of a focus of the end instead of living in between.  Somehow reason has been replaced so that now you can have eternal life even if after a life filled with spewing hate.  And ask to show where it’s written in the Bible and you get instead spew resembling liable.

You rarely hear about GOD and Good and instead you hear about how your life should be able judging the misunderstood.

I’ll leave this one hear for now because it’s as simple as I’ve stated above, the Bible, GOD, Everything is not about hate, shame and push & shove, it as simple as Good People Who Love.

Bruce Edgar Slaton Jr
February 19, 2016


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