First Things First; Politicians Have Broken Community & Common Sense

From our local Elk Grove City Council to our National Leaders who lack, those elected to lead or essentially just hacks.  It’s time we remove some of the most inept and ill educated elected to keep out kids, our jobs and any sense of a future protected.

From Gary Davis in Elk Grove deciding that the key to success is to just copy everything Sacramento puts in their plan instead of being anything resembling originality to Jim Cooper in the California Assembly who shits on Elk Grove small business because he decides to be the Token Black Man chosen to cosign onto a bill to remove Confederate history from California because somehow the Confederate Flag is a symbol of slavery (I’ll assume he just doesn’t know about the Japanese Internment Camps, the Democratic Party & its history of Racism towards Blacks and the countless other instances where the US Flag would symbolize hate, division & racism)

From Governor Brown signing a bill into law forcing equality in pay for woman yet also believing that somehow removing any chance men can defend themselves in that bill somehow resembles equality to Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz believing that because CNN says he is eligible to run, that the actual constitutional perimeters that follow the father (therefore he is Cuban), make him ineligible to run take second seat, this besides the fact he chooses to promote ignoring the Supreme Court’s Same Sex Marriage decision that would make him void of ethics he vowed to support when he obtained his law degree.

It’s time for people to stop talking about politics and instead start holding the erosion back and from growing.

But then again, talk is cheap and easy isn’t it?

Bruce Edgar Slaton Jr
Friday, February 19th, 2016


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